As you can see, the site has taken on a new format, but it’s not going to end there….we’ve got some pictures of the Dan Baird show to upload. When? Hopefully soon!!!! There is however a couple of dates happening which are as follows :

Dec 5th CHELMSFORD Army & Navy Club

Dec 24th LONDON (Brixton) The Windmill, Blenheim Gardens,SW2 £3.00 Entry

The 24th show at Brixton also happens to be Darrell’s Birthday, so it should be definitely worth checking out. As always…any questions…



Our apologies for the lengthy delay in updating….We won’t bore you with an endless stream of excuses. SABRE JET… 13th August 2000 @ London’s LA2 in support to EX-GEORGIA SATELLITES FRONTMAN DAN BAIRD.Those wanting to see Darrell’s new band should turn up when the doors open, as stated on the ticket, as the Sabre Jet will be onstage VERY SHORTLY AFTER. This will be the Sabre Jet’s debut show

SABRE JET LINE-UP: Honest John Plain, Darrell’s partner in crime, in the Crybabys, and Dirty Laundry Project, will play second guitar at the LA2 and the High Barnet show. On the bass is Paul Kirkham, who played bass on the entire”Same Old Brand New” sessions. Unfortunately, no Ritchie Newman on drums for the two confirmed dates, drummer as yet unconfirmed. Although I haven’t pinned Darrell down yet as to what the set-list will include, I would say that it is a strong possibility that, with the inclusion of Honest John in the Sabre Jet, Crybaby’s material will be performed!!!!

MERCHANDISE: We’ve been having endless problems securing reliable quantities of Merchandise ie;C.D’s Crybaby’s T-Shirts etc. All merchandise enquiries to where I will personally reply to each and every enquiry regarding your wants.

WEBSITE: The site will be undergoing a massive revamp in the coming weeks, we have been unable to collate much information, as Darrell has been busy preparing for the forthcoming shows. We should have pictures from the LA2 and High Barnet shows up shortly afterwards, and some free live downloads from these shows also.
NEXT UPDATE: Hopefully in the next few days, with details of the set-list for the forthcoming shows.Again, any questions???


First up, we hope to update this page at least once a week (ambitious aren’t we ?), or when shit’s happening. Any questions comments enquiries should be directed to:
Darrell is currently on tour with Ten Pole Tudor, the dates of which can be seen on the Tour Dates Link, on this Website. We will be posting photos from the tour when he gets back, chances are though, some other wiseass will beat us to it, as we’re not that technologically advanced yet!!! (We sure can spel though!)

The debut performance of Darrell Bath’s Sabre Jet will take place at Arkley Men’s Club, High Barnet, London on Saturday August 19th 2000. If you want to go I suggest you e-mail us pronto as the place is so small you can’t swing a hamster let alone a cat! If you happen to be a bit on the claustrophobic side, then you can always wait till the next one, which will be at London’s LA2, date to be confirmed.

  1. 1) Same old Brand New
  2. 2) Never trust a blonde
  3. 3) Ramona
  4. 4) That’s not really what love’s all about
  5. 5) No Justice
  6. 6) Getting by
  7. 7) Just be true
  8. 8) Something I can’t give away
  9. 9) Pawn Shop
  10. 10) Rats
  11. 11) E2G
  12. 12) All your lovin’

The Album was produced by none other than that Stack-heeled Sultan of Sleaze, from seventies band SWEET, Andy Scott, and ably assisted by Kris Gray.

The second Crybabys album titled “Rock on sessions” has also been finally released. More info on that in the discography link.